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Samsonite Parts

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  Where can I find Samsonite Parts? Samsonite parts and samsonite luggage set parts are of such high quality that you may never need to replace or repair your samsonite luggage. But what if you find yourself in this unlikely position? ............Dust off your concerns. Genuine Samsonite parts are available here. It is always important to ask for samsonite original parts because they come from the same high quality materials as your original samsonite luggage or samsonite luggage sets and carryon’s.

If your samsonite wheel comes off, a strap tears or a handle, or other part breaks, check the links below to find original samsonite parts.(registered samsonite luggage and samsonite luggage parts, usa)

It is important to find genuine Samsonite parts, if you do find yourself in the unusual situation where a strap, or handle breaks, or a samsonite part falls off, check the samsonite luggage sites below.

There are some knockoff parts that you could use instead, but they will not be made from the durable, high quality materials that Samsonite luggage uses for their parts. The reason most users never need replacement parts is because Samsonite designs their luggage and luggage sets to last year after year without tearing up or falling apart. This is made possible by spending the extra time it takes to build additional strength into samsonite parts and samsonite luggage products, then testing those samsonite parts until Samsonite parts specialists are assured that they will last far longer than any samsonite competitor part. Only after meticulous quality control testing, will our samsonite products be identified as official Samsonite.

Samsonite is always making improvements to its luggage products assortment, and you can be sure that there will always be parts available no matter what samsonite luggage you use.

Find the latest and newest parts here for all samsonite products. New 2014: find parts for the Samsonite Spinner line of luggage here.

Latest news: Samsonite parts now come with the latest in polyurethane materials.


Samsonite Parts and Luggage Parts

Many samsonite replacement parts are available from Samsonite Customer Service for a small shipping fee. Included are things like: shoulder straps, ID tags, locks, wheels, TSA locks, keys and other applicable parts and samsonite part sets.

Samsonite USA Parts

Samsonite parts covers a wide variety of necessary parts including: wheels, handles, zippers, side carry handles, locking handle parts, TSA lock parts and a host of other related Samsonite Parts. Important: our parts contain the best leather, polyurethane, ball bearings and ballistic nylon to insure that your samsonite luggage works as it should following repairs.


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This site (samsonite parts) does not sell any private information to other sites or parties. Samsonite Parts is presented here to provide assistance to samsonite customers but we do not sell samsonite luggage or bags. To buy a samsonite bag please go to where you will find a complete selection of quality samsonite luggage.

samsonite parts, part samsonite samsonite parts and specialty samsonite parts

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